Friday, October 31, 2008

Go Phils!

It's been an exciting week, aside from the crash and burn of Cycle 3, of course. Breaking a curse that the city has been suffering from for decades, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series in five games, the last split between a rain-out on Monday and a second half on Wednesday. I'm no sports phanatic, but it was thrilling to watch these boys fight for it and win. The city went nuts, and hasn't calmed down quite yet. This afternoon was the celebratory parade, complete with ticker tape (so fun!). I'll post pics later.

In slightly less exciting news, I have invested in a fabulous new phone which has quickly become one of my favorite toys. The G1 is the new andriod phone from Google and it's a ball. So slinky and sexy, too. The hub's Blackberry looks pathetic next to it. Ooooh, ahhhhh, and enjoy:

It also happens to be Halloween, a fact that most people in Philly have forgotten with all the madness. We are hoping to see lots of adorable kiddos tonight during Trick or Treating. Well, not too many. It be nice to have some left overs. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So I started a blog

When I first found myself stalking this little board you may have heard of called GP back in June, I noticed that a number of the ladies had blogs. They were adorable, and sweet, and some were more than a little sad. While I loved clicking on the links in their sigs, I never for a moment thought of creating my own.

It wasn't because I'm not a writer. I am, in fact, a writer by trade. And it wasn't because I didn't want to share things too publiclly, because as you get to know me, you learn there's nothing I love more than a little well-earned attention. It was simply because I didn't think I needed to. I'd start mine when I got the BFP.

I walked into TTC land quite naive. Even with my trusty BBT and a well-worn TYOYF under my arm, I still believed it would be fairly easy. My husband and I would even joke that, knowing our luck, we'd be knocked up with twins within a week.

Nearly six months later, I am embarassed at how little I knew I was in for. Thanks to fluxuating hormone levels, delayed ovulation, and anovulatory cycles, we've only had two chances, and because I'm so unpredictable, we couldn't even give them the five-day marathons they deserved.

This morning began Cycle 4, and while I knew we had a slim chance last round, the reality of it has struck me harder than I could have anticipated. I'm depressed, frustrated, and in all honestly, just devestated. And I'm worried that Cycle 4 could be full of the pitfalls that have tripped us up in the past. I'm lost, and I'm not in control, and I hate it.

So maybe I do need a blog. And maybe I have a harder road ahead than I once thought. No matter how upsetting it has been, though, I know the road still leads to the same destination. And to eventually hold that sweet baby in my arms is worth whatever comes along the way.