Monday, June 29, 2009

Pro pics of my planet-sized stomach

Sorry I've been slacking...I've been trying to get the nursery complete and the house clean and with the few hours in the day I'm not working, it's been a daunting task.

We did squeeze in a photo shoot with weekend which I am so glad we did. As you can tell, most of my weekly pics are blurry and horrid thanks to an on-the-fritz camera, so now I will have a few good ones of me. Well, better than good. Two teaser pics were posted to her blog last night and I'm soooo excited to see the rest. Enjoy these for now:

The nursery is coming along and I think I'll have updated pics this coming weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009


So Saturday we are sitting outside at my cousin's graduation party, and my father is lamenting the fact that my mother won't let him adopt this adorable chocolate lab he found on PetFinder (she wants a little pup). So I mention to my dad that we plan to get a lab ourselves, but not for a few years until the baby can help out. But I didn't say "baby." And I didn't say "Lil G." After nearly four months of being so good and keeping his name on the DL, I totally blurted it out. Like an idiot. And then covered my mouth in mortification as my brother sing-songed "I know what his name is!"

I'm so upset with myself. I really don't know if they heard it clear as day, and they were kind enough not to repeat it or make any comments about it. But it's out and I'm so upset that I couldn't do it! Darn it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

31 weeks!

So I forgot to do my 30 week check-in. Oops.

Anyway, now here we are at 31 weeks. Little bigger, little sorer. Little more anxious for this baby to get here already!

Wiggle Worm is a non-stop mover these days, and he's somehow figured how to get a foot about 3 inches behind my ribs and an arm pretty much down my leg at the same time. By the end of the day I'm not only tired, but my poor stomach is just bruised.

I'm still impatiently waiting for the crib bedding to arrive so I can get the nursery finished up. It's more than two weeks late now and it's so frustrating. I don't want to rush the seamstress, though, because I want her to do the best job possible. But I want my stuff!

There aren't many more milestones to look forward to, and I now understand why this is the hardest part of pregnancy to make through. In first and second tri there are new things nearly every week. Tests and movement and U/Ss. Now I just sit and wait. I do have my Strep B test coming up, but seriously, I'm not going to get excited about a butt swab. No thanks.

So we wait. Two months to go.

Here's the 31-week photo!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby shower!

This past Sunday was Lil G and my baby shower and it was an amazing, lovely thing. I am so thankful to my parents who spent so much time and energy putting every detail together and to my friends and family who went above and beyond spoiling the little guy with all sorts of fabulous gifts. The food was great, the company wonderful, and I am so very blessed.
A few pics of the afternoon:

The hubs and I

The amazing cake my pastry chef SIL made

Just some of Lil G's haul

The kid will be a stud. It's in his genes. ;)

I'll post my 30 week check-in later today!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

29 weeks & our L&D visit

So yesterday -- 29 weeks, 1 day -- was our anniversary. And instead of celebrating as planned, we went to the hospital's L&D triage. So romantic. ;)

Long story short, I had been experiencing large amounts of watery discharge paired with some pretty intense pelvic pressure. Alone I would chalk them up to nothing like I usually do, but even I had to admit the combo was a bit disconcerting. So I called the doc, who told me to high-tail it to the hospital. Thankfully DH had his car in the city and we were able to drive over right away...arriving only an hour later thanks to traffic.

They did a number of tests and monitored the baby's heart and any contractions I was having for about an hour. They aren't sure what the discharge was, but they couldn't find any signs of rupture so I was told to head home and not come back for 10 weeks. Good plan, I think.

We left work so suddenly that DH didn't have time to grab the anniversary flowers he had ordered for me, so I got them today. They are totally gorgeous -- he's too good to me.

Other than that, all is well. Starting to get Braxton Hicks, which are kinda entertaining in a odd sort of way. And I'm on the couch by 6 pm each day if I can help it.

Here's the 29 weeks pic. Don't mind the messy garden beds -- we are in the midst of pulling up and replanting. And say hello to Fredo who decided to sneak into this week's shoot.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Second anniversary!

It seems like only yesterday and ages ago at the same time. Two years ago today, under an unusually steamy June sun, the love of my life and I became husband and wife. It's been an amazing two years, and I can't wait for the 50-odd to come. Hands down, best hubby ever. Love ya baby.

A lil trip down memory lane...