Monday, June 22, 2009


So Saturday we are sitting outside at my cousin's graduation party, and my father is lamenting the fact that my mother won't let him adopt this adorable chocolate lab he found on PetFinder (she wants a little pup). So I mention to my dad that we plan to get a lab ourselves, but not for a few years until the baby can help out. But I didn't say "baby." And I didn't say "Lil G." After nearly four months of being so good and keeping his name on the DL, I totally blurted it out. Like an idiot. And then covered my mouth in mortification as my brother sing-songed "I know what his name is!"

I'm so upset with myself. I really don't know if they heard it clear as day, and they were kind enough not to repeat it or make any comments about it. But it's out and I'm so upset that I couldn't do it! Darn it!


Carly said...

oh that stinks! at least your family was good about it... maybe they didn't all catch it. You look great by the way!

Shannon said...

Oh Mel, Im sorry! Dont be too hard on yourself, maybe they didnt hear it that good and hopefully if they did, they will keep it to themselves so you can still suprise plenty of people.

Mary said...

ugh, I'm sorry Mel!