Wednesday, June 3, 2009

29 weeks & our L&D visit

So yesterday -- 29 weeks, 1 day -- was our anniversary. And instead of celebrating as planned, we went to the hospital's L&D triage. So romantic. ;)

Long story short, I had been experiencing large amounts of watery discharge paired with some pretty intense pelvic pressure. Alone I would chalk them up to nothing like I usually do, but even I had to admit the combo was a bit disconcerting. So I called the doc, who told me to high-tail it to the hospital. Thankfully DH had his car in the city and we were able to drive over right away...arriving only an hour later thanks to traffic.

They did a number of tests and monitored the baby's heart and any contractions I was having for about an hour. They aren't sure what the discharge was, but they couldn't find any signs of rupture so I was told to head home and not come back for 10 weeks. Good plan, I think.

We left work so suddenly that DH didn't have time to grab the anniversary flowers he had ordered for me, so I got them today. They are totally gorgeous -- he's too good to me.

Other than that, all is well. Starting to get Braxton Hicks, which are kinda entertaining in a odd sort of way. And I'm on the couch by 6 pm each day if I can help it.

Here's the 29 weeks pic. Don't mind the messy garden beds -- we are in the midst of pulling up and replanting. And say hello to Fredo who decided to sneak into this week's shoot.


Scullyhoyy said...

So glad to hear you & Lil G are ok. & yay for 29 weeks! You look adorable!

Lindsay said...

Glad to hear everything is ok!!

SarahLynn said...

Glad to hear that you and Lil G are ok. That must have been scary. Happy belated Anniversary.

P.S. You look adorable in your pictures.

Carly said...

man- what an anniversary! glad to hear Lil G is ok, and what pretty flowers!