Tuesday, May 12, 2009

26 weeks

First, a belated Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there! We had my family over for a nice outdoor dinner. I was also lucky enough to get cards from both my pup and Lil G (strangely in the hubby's handwriting) and my fabulous diaper bag stuffed with goodies from my parents. People are too good to me. But I gotta admit, I was thrilled. I've been drooling over this bag for months. Ain't it purdy?
My mother also commented on how big I have gotten -- and I know it's true. The last time she saw me was Easter and I thought I had a bump then! Oh no. Lil G is on a mission and he's growing by leaps and bounds. I love it, of course, but it's now nearly impossible for me to bend over. Picking up after the pup or tying my sneakers is a hilarious chore that involves squatting and balancing.

I'm starting to feel tired again, too. Not that I ever got the mythical energy burst of second tri, but I was feeling like I could get through the day. Now I can feel myelf slowly tapering off around 7 or 8 pm. A sure sign of things to come.

Here's this week's pic. Excuse the squinty eyes -- this was taken about 9:30 pm after entertaining my family all day. I was ready for bed!


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

You look great & I love your diaper bag!!

Scullyhoyy said...

You look adorable!!!

Lindsay said...

You're still looking great! I love that diaper bag, where's it from?

Mary said...

you look great!!

SarahLynn said...

You look stunning and I LOVE your top. Where did you find it?