Tuesday, July 21, 2009

36 weeks

Less than one month to go! Assuming we make our due date. I still have that "feeling" that he'll arrive before then, but I really shouldn't focus on it. I'd hate to start getting my hopes up only to end up with an induction at 41 weeks.

Had the first of my weekly doc appointments this morning, what a joy. Because it's totally convenient to skip out of work once a week to sit in a waiting room and then get rushed through the 30 second actual appointment. I am not complaining...each visit I love because I get reassured Lil G is doing fine and dandy. But it really does put a cramp in the day!

Today we were able to confirm that Lil G is head down and in position, which was a relief. I was pretty sure what I had been feeling was his rear end, but hearing the doc confirm was great. My practice doesn't do internals until 38 weeks, so I don't know if we have any real progress yet. I'm pretty sure he's starting to drop -- this weekend there was a marked change in my pelvic pain, lightening crotch, and bathroom breaks. I guess we just wait and see now. I assume he'll let us know when he's ready. :)

Here's the 36 weeks pic:


Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

You look wonderful.

Lindsay said...

You're getting so close!! So exciting!!

SarahLynn said...

I think you look great. He'll be here before you know it.