Thursday, August 13, 2009

39 weeks and still nothin

Doctors are lying meanie heads.

I knew that progress early on could mean nothing, but then everyone got my hopes up, and now three internals later I'm still sitting on 3 cm and not a contraction in site. Unless the 8-minute whammy of pain this morning was a contraction, and if that's the case, I'm never going to make it through labor.

Come on, Lil G! You are driving your momma insane! Come out and play!

Tomorrow is my last day of work since my company has some random rule that you cannot work past your due date. So now he really has to show, because I do not intend to waste my precious maternity leave alone on the couch watching bad daytime TV.

We have an induction date set for 8/25 if he proves to be a really stubborn boy. Please cross your fingers for me that we don't need it!


Mary said...

So, if you don't have him by next week I vote that we meet up for lunch!

I really hope he comes before that though!

Have you figured out day care yet?

SarahLynn said...

Come on Lil G! Show your face.

Anthony said...

hopefully he comes soon for you! i wouldn't want to waste my mat leave on that either, i'd rather spend it with my baby!

i agree- daytime tv is terribl!