Saturday, August 15, 2009

Photo time

So I'm sitting here very, very pregnant and just a little miserable. By suggestion of the hubs I'm also struggling to consume the world's largest bowl of apparently labor-inducing pineapple. Have I ever mentioned that I seriously do not like pineapple? Like the smell makes my throat close up? So yea, this is fun.

Anyway, thought I'd break up the choking with a quick post and some photos of the nursery for you all. The room is no designer showplace, but we are happy with how it's modern and fun without being over the top. It seems more full in person than it does in the photos, but I'm sure once he starts accumulating toys and other items we won't have an inch of bare space to worry about.

View from the entry.

My old rocking horse and his dresser. His name will go above the monkey on the wall, but DH won't let me hang that until he's physically here.

Close-up of the bedding.

The glider nook. The photos on the wall are me and DH as infants, and Lil G will go in the middle.

The bureau/changing area and some of his goodies, including a place of honor for the Philly Phanatic.

There are more pics in an earlier post of the other artwork and the bookshelf for those who missed it: click here.

And here's a pic of me a few days back at 39 weeks. I made DH promise me it would be my last photo, but I fear I may be taking a 40-week shot on Monday. Sigh.


Lindsay said...

Aww, the nursery looks great!

Bliss04 said...

cute nursery, i think it turned out great! hope he comes soon!

Mary said...

You and the nursery look great!! We still on for lunch tuesday?

Shannon said...

I love the nursery. I hope the baby is in it soon, for your sake :) Hang in there, Mel!