Thursday, August 6, 2009

38 weeks and not much to update

After a very interesting and eventful weekly appointment last week, I'm sorry to announce I got nothing for you this week. We had our 38-week appointment this morning and we're still at about 3 cm, 80/90 percent effaced. The doctor pretty much said I'm as far as I'll go without being in active labor, so now I'm just waiting for the contractions to start. And since I have no clue what a contraction feels like, I'm just sitting here questioning every twinge, cramp, and pain I experience.

With all the anxiousness of last week, I'm now pretty frustrated and down. I totally knew that last week's numbers didn't really mean anything, but it's easy to get wrapped up in the what-ifs and get your hopes up. And then your husband tells everyone and their mother (seriously, one of his co-workers called his mother, an OB, to share with her my stats), and you get the questions and emails 30 times a day, and it's a fast downward slope right into craziness.

Today's the full moon and DH is still convinced it could be the big day. I'd love for him to be right, but I may have to force myself into being a pessimist if only for my own sanity. 10 days until the due date, 17 until the latest my doctors will let me go. I can handle matter what, he'll be here soon. Just not soon enough!


Lindsay said...

17 is totally manageable! You can do it!!

Shannon said...

I cant believe you're so close! The labor will start soon and you will be holding your baby before you know it, hang in there hun!

Mary said...

You are SO close!! Enjoy these last couple days! :)