Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 weeks!

We have reached the quarter mark. So much done, sooooo far to go!

Yesterday I had my first "real" doctor's appointment where I got to see someone with a medical degree and actually get examinded. They tried to find the little one's heartbeat with the doppler, but no luck. I was totally bummed ... almost wish they had decided it was too early and not tried. They finally do agree with me now that I'm at 10 weeks and not nearly 12, so I guess that's good. I just kinda need constant confirmation that Lil G is ok in there and not hearing anything but static was not comforting. I spent the entire evening staring at my gut and demanding an update on how things were going in there. I then spent the entire morning dry heaving while trying to get ready, so maybe that's my baby's way of responding?

So now I need to wait until 1/30 at the NT Scan for some more information. Boo.

Still haven't told the folks yet -- those darn T-shirts are taking forever to get here. They should arrive this week, so I guess it's this weekend that we tell. Hearing the hb on the doppler would have made this so much easier. Ugh, I have to stop thinking about it.


Scullyhoyy said...

Yay for 10 weeks!!!!
Sorry about not hearing the h/b on the doppler. Are you going to buy/rent one to have at home?

Bliss04 said...

don't worry about not hearing the hb. it took 16 weeks until we could hear ours on the doppler and everything is fine. hope you feel better soon!

Shannon said...

I cant believe you're 10 weeks, thats so exciting!

Lindsay said...

I'm happy that the drs appt wnet well even if you didn't get to hear the HB. I hoep your t-shirts come in soon!

Marijana said...

Don't worry about the doppler. We could barely hear ours at 11 weeks. Chin up! :)