Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So we're gonna spill

I mean, my doc and my boss and a random cab driver and a bunch of online gals know, why not everyone else?

Or, at least, our family?

We decided last night that the week of 1/19 is when we will tell. I went into full panic mode. Yikes! When we first found out I wanted to tell everyone, especially my mother. But now that it's been our secret for so long, and I kind of want it stay that way. Lil G is allllll mine, and I have no meddling people telling me what to do or how I should feel. Not that I think my family will be hard to bare, but I just like being in charge of this. It's my baby for heaven's sake!

I also feel like once we do tell, something will happen. Now, as a secret, if the worst did happen it would be me and DH dealing and we would be devestated, but make it through. With family would be a disaster. I cannot stand people hanging on me, and I would go nuts with all the pity and worry. I know we are at a point where we can slowly start feeling more confident, but I'm going to be scared till the baby is walking down the aisle for his or her diploma.

I also feel, strangely, embarassed. I'm scared to see people's reactions. I know I'm gonna run out of the room as soon as my mom and dad realize. I have no clue why, and yes, I'm a complete whack job, but I hate a stink and I just am gonna squirm!

But we have to share. It's only fair. And it's time. I'll be 10 weeks when we do, and I'm comfortable with that.

So DH and I are perhaps not the most creative of people, but we just ordered shirts for the grandparents to be. I think they're kinda cute, and I know my MIL will wear it to the local deli the next day and brag until she's out of breath.

Here's hoping I make it to 1/19. And that those grandmom and grandpops to be behave themselves!


Mary said...

Yey!!! i'm sure hey will be SO thrilled!

So, tell me... do friends know yet? I don't want to spill the beans if I'm talking to someone so I've kept my mouth shut. :)

Lindsay said...

Awww, those are precious! Where did you make them?? You're families going to be so excited!

Shannon said...

I love those shirts, good luck telling the fam!

Scullyhoyy said...

How did it go????