Tuesday, January 27, 2009

11 weeks!

And we still haven't told yet. Oops! We were going to, but my MIL was scheduled for a last-minute surgery on Friday and we decided that drugged up on the couch was not the way to tell her she was going to be a grandmother for the first time. So, we post-pone again until this weekend.

The good thing about this hold up is that we have the NT Scan this Friday, so now we'll have a full update on how Lil G is doing when we announce, along with a nice new picture.

In general pregnancy news, I'm starting to feel pretty good. The morning sickness has subsided dramatically, and while it still shows up here and there, it's much more bearable. In fact, I'm now on day five of eating three full meals a day. That's a big step, believe it or not. :)

I'm also starting to get little pains and twinges in my abdomen. Some are sudden and sharp -- like when I sneeze -- while others are duller and hang around for the evening. The Co-Master of Google, my darling husband, has apparently done all the research that needs doing and has deemed this all totally normal due to my uterus growing, and since the baby books confirmed, I let him have the glory.

Lil G is now the size of a lime -- for some reason that seems like a big deal. Poppyseeds and peas are cute and all, but a lime, that's something you can hold in your hand. It's substantial. It's a baby!

And baby is starting to take up more room with its growing self. Behold, the first belly pics I am releasing to the world. I still think it's a little early for this as I look like I just ate an odd shaped cheeseburger, but I have been getting requests and I think it will serve as a good measuring stick for down the road when the real bump comes in. Enjoy!


Lindsay said...

YAY for the bump picts! Very cute. I'm glad your starting to feel better and can actually eat full meals again! Good luck tell the parents this weekend.

Carly said...

YAY for 11 weeks- time is flying already :) I can't believe you have not told your parents yet- they will be so super excited and it will be great to have everything checked for reassurance before you do- but i just know everything is great! Yay for eating again :) And you can come play with my stroller if you want- seriously, i am in love