Wednesday, March 4, 2009

16 weeks (and a day, cause I'm lazy)

Hello theres!

So it's week 16 and I officially look pregnant. I mean a stranger on the street wouldn't know for sure, especially with the giant jacket I've been sporting through Philly's latest chill, but those who know me now know. I didn't announce my pregnancy to any of my clients (it would be kind of odd to just bring up during a status meeting, don't you think?), and this week I got the first sideways glances. One was bold enough to come over and go, "So you can hit me if I am so off base, but..." I think she was so releaved when I told her it was true!

I've been feeling pretty good. My face is still a mess, I'm itchy as all hell, I cannot sleep for more than two hours straight...but in the grand scheme, not too shabby. I went to the dermatologist for my itchy skin and she was of no help at all. She thinks I have pregnancy-onset excema, but she's not sure. But just in case, she gave me a presciption for some steroid cream. Well it's level C, sister, and I did my Googling and it caused club feet and extra ribs in the rabbits it was tested on. No thank you. So it's me and my Gold Bond cream, getting through the old fashioned way.

In other news, we picked out our lil one's nirsery furniture! We will be going with the Bonavita Metro collection, and I'm quite happy with our choice. Clean lines, modern, but not too much so. I think it will grow well with Lil G. And my parents were suckered into being members of Direct Buy a few years back, and they have all the pieces for about $200 off retail per piece. Woot!


Shannon said...

Im sorry about the itchiness, I hope it gets better!

And I love the nursery furniture, its beautiful!

Mary said...

The furniture is gorgeous!

I'm sorry about the itchiness and lack of sleep. :(