Wednesday, March 11, 2009

17 weeks (and a day, again)

I'm really slacking here, huh?

Not too much to report. I'm lucky enough to be feeling really well, and even stayed up the other night until 10 pm! I know, be proud.

Right now, I'm just totally anxious about how Lil G is doing in there. The novelty of hearing the heartbeat at 14 weeks has worn off and I want to hear it again. Now. Please!? My next doctor's appointment is more than a week away and I hate sitting here hoping that all is well. What makes it worse is that all the pregnancy books say I could start feeling the baby move any day now, and each night I fall asleep without so much as a flutter or a wave I feel like a failure. Why can't I feel him/her? Why aren't they moving enough that I can sense it? Is everything ok? I am without any information and feel so helpless. My days now consist of me sneaking pep talks in to my stomach. Come on, little one, just kick me as hard as you can. Enjoy torturing me while it's still cute. Take advantage of this!

But for now, I guess we wait.

I did get the hubs to start what should now be a weekly bump photo shoot. Not my greatest photo, and after the fact I realized not the best shirt to show off the goods, but here it is, taken at 16 weeks, 4 days:

In other news:

How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Looks like I'm finally gaining. From the bathroom scale, about 3 or 4 lbs. above pre-preg weight.

Maternity clothes? My new best friends. I can still wear my dress pants with the Bella Band, but it's maternity jeans now and about 50 percent maternity tops.

Stretch marks? Nopers.

Sleep: Slowly adjusting to side sleeping, probably due to the exhaustion of not getting a good night's sleep for the past few weeks.

Best moment this week: Firming up the purchase of Lil G's nursery furniture.

Movement: No. Booooooo. Come on!

Food cravings: Fruit of any kind, bagels with extra cream cheese.

Gender: 15 days to go!

Labor signs: Noooo.

Belly button in or out? Still in.

What I miss: Clear skin.

What I am looking forward to: Finally feeling him/her move! Any day now, right? You can do it, Lil G!

Weekly wisdom: Do not pay full price on maternity clothing. It's always gonna go on sale.


Scullyhoyy said...

Yay for 17 weeks. I am sure lil G will be kicking you any day now.

Lindsay said...

Looking great! I hope you get to feel Lil G soon!

Carly said...

I cannot believe how fast this is going! You look great, and I am sure you will feel him/her soon- It was around 18 weeks for me and it wasn't flutters, but my stomach turning like i was on a roller coaster or hilly road. YAY!