Tuesday, March 17, 2009

18 weeks

Yikes. Time is starting to fly by. At a snails pace, of course.

I am scared to say it but I think my face is starting to clear up! Hoorah! It may be that my hormones are just finally evening out, it may be the fact that I threw the Rx the whack-job derm gave me out and am now just using a gentle wash and a Bare Minerals spot treatment. I'm just happy not to look totally blotchy. There's a ways to go and some old scars to deal with, but I'll take any sign of improvement.

They say horrid acne like mine is a sign of a girl -- she takes away your beauty. If there's any truth in it, this is one gorgeous baby. Of course, I've never bought into old wives tales. If I did, I would say this baby has to be a girl. All the signs point to it. And it looks like most of you are feeling female as well, per the poll. Interesting... You'd make my MIL very happy.

Of course, I have one friend who is convinced it's a boy. So much so that when she and her huband met us for brunch this weekend, she brought us the cutest little baby boy picture frame. She gave us the gift receipt too, just in case, but I admire her confidence. :)

Just 10 days until we know for sure. I can barely breathe I'm so excited to see him/her again and see how much they have grown!

Speaking of growing, here's the week's bump pic, taken at 17 weeks, 5 days:


Lindsay said...

I'm glad your face is starting to clear up! YAY! You're little bump is precious!

Shannon said...

I love the pic, Mel. You look great!

SarahLynn said...

Your belly is looking super cute!!