Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Halfway there!

20 weeks!

With each day I'm pregnant, I realize how surreal the whole experience is. For months you try and hope and pray and wish and then some piece of plastic tells you it's real, and it takes another nine months or so for you to finally get it. Because I am starting to think it won't totally all fall into place until this little guy is placed in my arms.

I know I'm pregnant. If the side effects and the increased waist haven't convinced me, seeing the baby during the ultrasounds sure did. And I know I'm going to have a baby. A real, crying, laughing, diaper-dirtying baby. Soon. But it all seems so impossible. It's like my brain cannot corolate the squirming image on the screen with the need to go to the bathroom every hour. It knows the facts, but it thinks this has to be some big hoax.

It's crazy that you can be so anxious and excited about something that you haven't completely wrapped your mind around yet. It's nuts that you can willingly hand over your body to another being and not be aware of it every second of every day. They say birth is a miracle...then pregnancy is a divine mystery.

OK, in more simplistic news, still feeling really good. Sleeping better. Worrying about finances and the like.

We are starting Lil G's registry this coming weekend, which I'm very excited for. I have done all the research and want to get my hands on the goods. I'm sure the experience is going to be overwhelming -- I get lost in Babies R Us when just picking up a shower gift -- but if we pace ourselves and make sure there's a snack break involved, all will turn out well. :)
And to sum it all up, the 20 weeks photo. The baby seems to be moving north these days to the bottom of my pelvis is flat again and then justs out at like 90 degrees. Who knows...


Lindsay said...

Wow, I can't believe you're already half way done! It seems like just yesterday you announced your BFP! I'm glad your feeling good, and you're looking great!

Scullyhoyy said...

Yay for half way done!!! You look great & your going to be an awesome mom:)