Sunday, December 7, 2008


I think.

It's funny, because last night as we stood in the Walgreen's, DH wanted to get a pack of digitals, mainly because they were so "cool." I disagreed, saying it would be a waste of cash, and that the pink line versions were fine.

So this morning when my temp was still quite high and I went to POAS, I was pretty confident. And then I stood in the bathroom for about three solid minutes, holding the stick up to the window, the overhead light, and back again. There was something there. Was it like the lightest line ever, or the placeholder where the line would have filled in if positive? Was my eyesight just too good? Ha.

I went back to bed and of course was questioned by a sleepy DH. I quickly explained that I couldn't tell, and he responded that then I was clearly not pg, because the pink line would have been obvious. Shows you how many sticks he's peed on. When I tried to explain how the line darkness is relative to the amount of hormone, he asked to see the stick. I obliged, but I'm not sure why. What was a half-asleep, grumpy man going to see after just turning the lights on in the bedroom? He glanced at it, covered his eyes with his hand, and declared it negative.

So we are calling it negative. Not because of the hub's oh so scientific analysis, but the fact that we cannot call it a positive. DH has since said he doesn't want me to take the other test in the pack for another month. Silly, strange boy.

The positive in this - even if it really is negative, and AF is around the bend, it looks like my LP has lengthened by at least a day thanks to the few months of B6. So yea!


Leannabanna said...

Hang in there - I could have been sure there was no line on my pink line test twice and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Test again tomorrow and if you see anything at all comfirm with a digi! GL this cycle!

Shannon said...

Dont give up yet, Im hoping AF stays away so you can test again!

Mary said...

I say take a pic and post it for us to see next time. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

Carly said...

I had one of those lines... the kind you can see only if you hold it at a certain angle in a certain light. The next day it was darker and here i am now... I hope hope hope that it was there- you are not a bs'er about this, you are real about it... so I believe you may have seen something.
If not- well then yay for your LP lengthening! (but I still reserve hope for you!)