Friday, December 19, 2008

U/S Numero Uno

We saw....something.

It was just a little sack with a little sack within it. Not much to look at, but visual proof that yes, I am pregnant. I was so scared the tech was going to tell me there wasn't anything there, but tiny as that little blob was, it was our baby!

My doc, who has not seen me since my BFP, had told the tech that I was 6 weeks, 6 days since that's what they calculated from my LMP. Silly people. I had told everyone I spoke to I was sure I was at least a week behind that, but no one seem to listen to the girl without the medical degree. So, when the tech started the pelvic U/S, she was a little alarmed to see so little. The transvag delivered what we were looking for, but it's def a 5 weeker and not a 6. In fact, the machine measured the size at 5 weeks, 3 days - just one day off from my own calculations. Take that, people in scrubs.

In the end, though, since there wasn't enough of a fetal pole for the tech to confirm what the doc was requesting, they want me to do it all over in a week. EVERYTHING. The two blood tests and another U/S. Overkill? I think so. I have been spending more time in hospitals and doc offices than at work! But there's nothing wrong with having too much information, I guess, or contnually getting confirmation that Lil G is in there and growing. So more blood today, more blood on Monday, and another U/S next Friday. Oh, and there's Christmas in there somewhere, too. Whew.


Lindsay said...

Did you get any picts of lil' G? :-) Sorry you have to do it all over again, but atleast you'll be doubly sure!

Link41208 said...

Sorry you have to do everything all over but atleast you get to see lil G again.

Scullyhoyy said...

Yes, Drs do not care if you were charting & what the real EDD is. There will be more to see next week & hopefully you'll see the h/b:) We are a week apart!!
So exciting!

Carly said...

YAY! and seriously- they don't listen about the EDD. When I made my 1st doctors appt they wanted it at 8 weeks, scheduled it around 6 ignoring what I said... then made me come back 2 weeks later. At the hospital I said I was 14 weeks, they asked when my LMP was, and were like- no you are 15.5 weeks, um nooo.
Be prepared until an u/s dates you to keep having the same argument :)
I am soooo happy they could see the sac and all at this point- YAY!

ilovejav said...

I am glad your u/s went well! You deserve all the happiness in the world, you are an awesome thoughtful person!:) Have a merry christmas!