Monday, December 8, 2008


I think!

Lesson learned: buy digitals!

As you can see, it only took 24 hours for me to go against the hub's wishes and test again. I just...I don't want to say I "knew," but I felt off, that's for sure. And as you all know, peeing on things is pure fun.

So this morning when I awoke at 4:30 am, I tip toed to the hall bath and did what I had to do. And saw a line. A line I was sure I saw.

I tried to sneak back into bed, but of course he was sitting up waiting for me. So I told him I cheated and that I was pretty sure we were pregnant. The look on his face and the tone of his voice when he said "Really!?" was priceless.

He took a look and agreed there was a line. However, we are both skeptics and don't feel totally comfortable giving in to it until we go get those silly digitals and see the unmistabable word "Pregnant."

I'm beyond anxious. I am already so worried and so thrilled. But thankfully, I'm also a little in shock or something -- it obviously hasn't really sunk in yet. I doubt it will for awhile.


Marijana said...

Congrats! Yay for late Oers!


Link41208 said...

That is awesome! I am so happy for you!!

Lindsay said...

OMG!!!!! I'm sooo excited for you! I can't believe it :-) CONGRATS!

Shannon said...

YAY Mel! I am so happy. You must PIP the digital, once you take it. Congrats mama!

Mary said...


You know how stinkin excited I am for you!! Wonderful news!!!

Scullyhoyy said...

OMG Melissa!!!!
I am so happy for you, Congrats!

Carly said...

I am SOOOOO happy for you- I *knew* it- YAY!!! congrats and tons of sticky dust