Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First official appointment

Quite possibly the quickest doctor's appointment of my life. It was a hot 10 minutes: here's the packet, here's the paperwork, here's the scans you can do, any questions? DH looked bewildered.

I think the biggest kick I got out of it was the nurse coming in and going on about congratulating us and how exciting everything is. Since we haven't told anyone yet, it was nice to finally hear it. Made it a smidge more real.

Christmas was great, and we got through with few hiccups. We walked into Christmas Eve dinner to an already tipsy cousin placing bets on whether we were pregnant or not -- fabulous. Thankfully, no one but her thought we might be and when I fake drank some red wine at dinner, even my MIL moved on from it. Christmas day at my parents' house I just drank water, and while I think my mom noted it, she didn't say anything. I fake drank some beers DH got from my brother to try and play it off. Who knew I could be such a great fake drinker?

NYE is just me and the hubs, so no worries there. And on Friday we have our U/S and should be able to see the little bugger and a heartbeat, so it's only a matter of time before we get to finally spill!

In other news, I'm in the middle of M/S hell and not enjoying it all that much. :) It's def a morning thing for me...I'm horrible all morning and then 11 am hits and I'm starving beyond belief. Dinner I'm usually just not hungry, but not as sick as the mornings. It's a pain, but in the grand scheme it's honestly not that bad. And, of course, totally worth it.


Mary said...

Yey, I'm SO ecstatic for you! Grow little one, Grow!

Carly said...

my first appt was the same except for the 13 vials of blood they took. This is why DH will only come sporadically- that is all there is too it.
And did you order a doppler? I love having it- Happy New Year- we are going to be mommmies THIS year!!!