Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Betas in!

And good news -- looks like Lil G is growing!

My first test was done on Friday, at 17 dpo, and came back at a very good 827. My second, taken Tuesday (21 dpo) should have been at least 3000 or so to be on target, and we got a 5359! Looks like Lil G is already an overachiever like its momma. :)

I know there many more milestones to reach, but I feel much more calm hearing those numbers. It even feels realer. When the nurse called, I got my first real "jolt" of excitement. I have been so level headed about it so far, probably to protect myself. Each of these little victories is allowing me to get more invested and more optimistic. And more excited!

Although they hadn't mentioned it earlier, the nurse also suggested I get an ultrasound to make sure the little one's looking good and get a clearer dating. I cannot protest! I call tomorrow to see when they can get me in. I've warned the hubs that we will be seeing little more than a blinking blob, but we are both anxiously looking forward to it!

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Shannon said...

Im glad you got good beta numbers. Good luck with the u/s, I cant wait to hear about it!