Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby bumps and babble

So one of my dear coworkers, who I consider a friend and love to death, is about 8 months pregnant with #3. The little one was a surprise; her others are about 10 and 9. After she got over the shock she was thrilled, and in turn, everyone at work was as well.

It was about the time she announced her pregnancy that DH and I decided when we would begin trying. CW and I had discussed this (she had been hoping we would start for months) and even though it caught me off guard, I wasn't upset at all by her announcement. How could I be? I love her, I love babies -- it was a win/win.

Months have since gone by, and she's as supportive as ever with my road to joining her. We had joked in the beginning that our boss would be thrilled to have two KUed employees, but with her due date just around the bend, that scenario is a no-go. Each time she stops by to chat, be it about work or TTC, it gets a little harder to look at her growing belly. I wish I was there, too. I wish she wasn't asking me about blood work and OPKs but about morning sickness and sonograms.

I'm not jealous. Even though it may sound like it, I'm not. I'm so happy for her and so excited to meet the little one, but yea, it's hard. Babies and bellies and all of it is hard.

Another friend had their baby boy last week. Yet another friend is also due in about a month. Ahhhh, mixed emotions. Lovely.

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