Monday, November 3, 2008

The Vitex Factor

After a few months of random cycles followed by relentless frustration, I did what any educated, modern girl would do and headed to the Internet in search of answers. It was among the millions of hits Google so graciously provided me with that I first learned about Vitex, an herb commonly used by women for PMS, cycle irregularity, and other female-type issues. The gals of GP backed up the claims that it could push up my O date (or help it ever occur), and while the prospect of ordering strange pills online did scare the crap out of me for a few days, I did it.

I have now been taking Vitex for about a month and a half and wasn't sure if I was getting any benefit. Last cycle I O'ed around CD23, which while the earliest ever recorded, wasn't enough for me to start breaking out the cone hats and confetti. However, I was playing with the charts the other day and was reminded of the short temp spike I had around CD16. After two highs it plummeted, and I assumed it was my body's typical "gear up and don't go" pattern, which it tends to show.

Upon further thinking, I have a slight hope that it wasn't just the pattern, but that I was going to O. Stress is the most common cause of delayed O, and that weekend was chock full of it. On top of being out of town, at my cousin's wedding, and in mucho traffic, my father collapsed during the ceremony. He's fine, but that day I was in uber panic mode. The most textbook cycle would have been thrown to the lions.

The point of this rambeling? Vitex might really be doing a fabulous job. Next Monday or so would be CD16 for this cycle, and I'm anxiously waiting to see how it goes. Cross your fingers for me!

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