Friday, November 21, 2008

F'in BBT is a POS

I think it's broken.

The last few days my temps have been doing an impression of a Ricther scale, and now I think it's all that little beeping stick of plastic's fault, not my body's.

The other day I woke up after two days of high temps to 97.3. I was frustrated and disappointed, and didn't want to believe it. So I stuck it right back in my mouth. 97.8. That's a mighty large jump for 10 seconds. But I dutifully charted 97.3. This morning, another 97.3. I tried again, 97.3. 15 minutes later I tried yet again, 97.9. Of course this time I had slept a little more and time had gone by, so it could have totally been the reason. To test my theory, I temped one more time after letting the dog out and eating breakfast. 96.0. Ummmm, wha? I don't think I can trust a thing that screen says any longer.

So I'm going to commit a cardinal charting sin and change thermometers mid cycle. It may screw up my chart, but it appears so will sticking with this one. I mean, I may have O'ed already. I could be like 5 DPO. Who the hell knows.


Lindsay said...

That's so frickin annoying! I'm sorry. What ever you do don't get the walgreens one its a POS. I've heard good things about the Target one! GL!

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

Uh that sucks!I hate the CVS oen that I got, it takes forever to beep.