Sunday, November 9, 2008

CD 13, OPK Negative

This is not a fact that should surprise me. I don't have any business peeing on sticks this early, anyway. But the Vitex thing got my hopes up that I might have a "normal" O date this cycle, and I let my giddiness get away with me.

The line was faint. Like pitifully faint. Almost as pathetic as the girl anxiously holding the stick.

I'd like to publicly state that I will not take another OPK test until the early 20s, when experience shows I have a better shot. I'd like to do that. But I won't. Because I know Monday or Tuesday I'll have lost this new-found resolve and will be sneaking tests into the bathroom at work. Please pray for my weak, baby-needy soul. ;)

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Shannon said...

I hope that the Vitex helps and you do O a bit earlier this cycle. I dont blame you, I always want to pee on the OPK early, too. Oh, and sometimes I pretend the faint line is actually on an HPT instead of the OPK. Talk about pathetic :)