Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I puffy heart information

So yesterday marked a week of the mystery pain, and I was over it. My first trip was to WebMD.com, where the Symptom Checker sent me into a panic suggesting I had either a hernia or an aeortic aneurysm. Kids, this is why we shouldn't self-diagnosis.

I quickly smarted up and called my OB/GYN office and chatted with a nurse. She suggested a cyst as an answer -- a much more plausable answer -- and suggested I come in for a quick exam.

So this morning I went over, and was reminded why I chose this practice. I love these people. I have yet to meet a doctor or NP there that I didn't instantly warm up to. They are open, and honsest, and not afraid of a patient who has educated herself. In fact, they want to help me learn even more.

So basically it turns out I do have follicular cysts, which are part of the minor case of PCOS I have and they diagnosed last visit. The pressure and pain was coming from an overload left ovary. She's not worried by them, though. She says that when I ovulate most of them will burst, and I'll have some sharp pain, but then the fluid just gets absorbed or something and it's fine. Kinda weird, but ok.

Instead of just scooting me out, though, she then went over my charts with me, all the bloodwork we have done in the past, the ultraslound results (I now know the exact dimensions of my uterus. Do you?), etc. And she was totally honest with me...optimistic and honest. My situation is not perfect, but it's not that bad. Sure I knew this in the back of my head, but sometimes you need a calm, rational, voice of experience to remind you.

So onward we forge.


Shannon said...

Im glad you found out about the cyst and that your OB practice is so helpful!

Mary said...

I'm so glad you've fond a dr that you love!

And, yes, I do know the dimensions of my ute! :) hehehe

Lindsay said...

You practice sound amazing! I must admit I am kinda jelous. Glad you got the cysts pinned down as the cause of your pain.