Monday, November 24, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Our neighbors already have their lights up. Little early, I think, but I can't deny that I'm getting the itch as well. I went through all our boxes in the basement this weekend to figure out the holiday decor gameplan, and we purchased a few new items, too. Next weekend we will be decking the house in gold, red, and silver, and then refueling with leftover turkey sandwiches. I cannot wait!

We do, of course, need to get through Thanksgiving first. It's at our place this year and I'm a combo of nervous and thrilled. I have a detailed play-by-play schedule for cooking and I think I have just enough space in the oven for everything.

To add to the holiday fever, my birthday is next week! DH and I will be going to dinner at this raved about Italian place I have been dying to go to, and Mom is taking me for a spa day. This really is the most wonderful time of the year.

You know what would make it even more wonderfuler? (And yes, that's a word.) A BFP. Or a confirmed O. Or something. I'm still temping with the broken BBT because all three stores I went to this weekend didn't have any in stock. Apparently the world is on a mission to get KU before me. I think I'll try the Walgreen's by the train station after work today. Wait - Lindsay said theirs sucks. Anyone know if CVS's is ok?

I just need to get one accurate morning temp. I have a inkling that I may have O'ed, but without a good temp, I am really clueless. My possible O would lead me to test this Saturday. I don't dare do it without more info. However, even with a new thermometer I won't know what my temps for the past week should have been. I'm going to have to guess. Which leads me to a much greater chance of a BFN. Ugh.


Lindsay said...

I am so ready to put up our Christmas decorations. We have taken them down but we won't put them up until the day after Thanksgiving.

The CVS them. is good I just don't like it because it takes so long to take your temp.

Shannon said...

Wonderfuler is definitely a word, I use it often :)

I hope you confirm O and I hope you get your BFP soon. You are in my thoughts!

Lindsay said...

I was driving yesterday around my neighborhod and saw someone with full out christmas decorations! I couldn't believe it. We are however planning on decorating this weekend. I get my tree on sunday!

I have the Vick therm. the problem with the walgreens is it take sooo long to take you temp. vicks does it in 30 secs but will only store 1 temp so I'm not totally in love with it either. GL with your search!