Sunday, November 16, 2008


Seriously. WTF? Just click on the chart. Do it. And tell me WTF is going on!

Temp dips I can take, but this? Um, whaaaa?

And today also marks day 7 of what I had been calling O pain. I have since recalled that title. We shall now refer to it as "that stubborn, stupid pain in my lower left pelvic area that is like someone poking you for hours on end and is annoying enough to give you trouble falling asleep but not sharp enough to allow your worry wart DH to take you to the ER." Or WTF pain for short.

I'm calling the doc tomorrow. This is bullshit.

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Bee said...

Maybe the big dip today is a pre-o dip! We can hope, right? Sometimes our bodies just like to mess with us - it's annoying. I hope your chart clears up soon!